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Carlton Park Hotel Rotherham/Sheffield Prince Of Wales The Welcome Inn Rotherham/Sheffield
Carlton Park Hotel Rotherham/Sheffield
Moorgate Road, Rotherham
Prince Of Wales
Princes Street, Rotherham
The Welcome Inn Rotherham/Sheffield
Wortley Road, Rotherham
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Best Western Consort Hotel Holiday Inn Rotherham Sheffield The Brecon Hotel
Best Western Consort Hotel
Brampton Road, Thurcroft, Hellaby
Holiday Inn Rotherham Sheffield
West Bawtry Rd, M1 Junction 33, Rotherham
The Brecon Hotel
49-51 Moorgate Road, Rotherham

A stay in one of the many Rotherham hotels or other lodging accommodations can be among the best ways to begin any vacation getaway in the South Yorkshire area. Outside of London itself, there are few places in the country that bristle with as much activity as this region, while still maintaining the scenic beauty and historic attractions visitors to this ancient land so ardently desire to experience.

The town is itself a borough of the larger South Yorkshire region and that region contains more than two million residents who all live within thirty minutes of this city. Most of the area is rural in nature, and most people who stay in Rotherham hotels find that the villages and scenery are perfectly in sync with what most people picture as the ideal British landscape. In fact, the area is often cited as being one of those picturesque British landscapes that one so often sees on postcards.

The lodgings

As most visitors would expect, Rotherham hotels are anything but clones of one another. To be sure, there are chain hotel offerings that can be found in many other parts of the country and around the world, but there are also many of those distinctively British inns that tourists generally look for, as well as niche Bed and Breakfast establishments and cottages for rent. Few visitors to the area will have any difficulty whatsoever finding the perfect lodging for their vacation getaways.

Things to experience

Rotherham Minster is a must see experience for every patron of Rotherham hotels, with its classical parish church style. It has stood in place for more than half a millennium now, and its allure remains as strong as ever. Its central spire rises more than sixty yards into the air, and has been a familiar site to residents of the region for five straight centuries. The architectural style alone is well worth the time spent perusing the site and its grounds.

Clifton Museum is another one of those sites that every patron of Rotherham hotels should make it a point to see. Using the latest technology, the museum brings the history and ancient culture of this region to light, enabling visitors to gain unique insight into the way the former residents of the town and countryside lived, worked, played, and died. As history lessons go, the museums methodology has proven to be a hit with people of all ages.

City happenings

The central part of this city is of course the Town Centre. Within its centralized location, hundreds of businesses and shops are arrayed to provide the maximum benefits to customers in the area. These shops range in style from retail businesses to restaurants to classic pubs. In addition, there always seem to be various open air markets or other commercial events occurring in the Centre's environs.

The real appeal of this Centre comes from its focus on encouraging pedestrian traffic. Like many other high streets in the country, the streets around the Centre are only open to foot traffic. This helps to encourage visitors to take part in the commercial district's culture and experience the variety of shops and establishments in ways that simply cannot be obtained from traveling in a car. Every patron of Rotherham hotels should try to get out into the Centre on foot at least once during a getaway.

The Civic Theater

Though there is much to be seen in the streets and byways of this city, there is also much to be said for the programmed entertainment that occurs. The town's Civic Theater is exactly what it sounds like: a place where entertainment of all kinds can occur. Visitors should always make a point of checking the Theater's schedule, since it routinely changes. In the past, entertainment has ranged from comedy to dramatic presentations to musical concerts.

Water sports

Summer time visitors can idly while away their time outside of their Rotherham hotels within the Leisure Complex. Home to a huge pool for swimming, as well as fitness equipment and various other sports venues, the Leisure Complex is a popular offering for many health conscious visitors to the region who merely want to stay in shape while on vacation. It is also one of the most popular sites for local residents, which makes it a perfect place to rub elbows with the town's citizens.

Of course, Clifton Park offers the true heights of water play for this area. It is literally moments away from the center of the town, and contains everything that any family needs for an enjoyable day of activity. In recent years, the entire park has seen a revitalization of sorts, with millions upon millions of pounds having been invested into its infrastructure. The result is a huge water park, play sites for the children, and beautiful rock gardens that have been lovingly crafted by the park's designers.


To ensure that the area continues its run as one of the country's top tourism spots, the city is in the midst of one of the most dramatic overhauls ever seen. Billions of pounds have been invested into providing the city with updated facilities, with particular attention being paid to the all-important Town Centre. The new look is certain to continue to entice tourists for many years into the future.

Much of this face-lift will come in the form of a transformational effort to remake the area's waterfront and modernize its canals. While the entire project is primarily geared toward enhancing the lives of the city's many residents, such improvements are sure to only increase the attractiveness of the city as a modern tourism attraction.

Among the many vacation destinations in England, this area seldom receives the praise it deserves. Though it has its share of historic sites sure to appeal to those who seek a better understanding of the nation, those locales are often overlooked in a country with such a rich heritage. Vacationers who are seeking a perfect blend of the old and new aspects of England, however, should make this city and Rotherham hotels one of their first stops when they reach the country.